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Visit the property that interests you in Bulgaria in video tchat

Visiting your property in Video Tchat

As if you were "on site"

Visit the property you're interested in

In France, when you are interested in a property, you contact the real estate agency and arrange an appointment to visit the property.
If the property is in Bulgaria, you obviously can't make a trip from France to Bulgaria every time.

For this reason we decided to show you the property by video conference, as if you were there.
You ask us your questions live: "Show me this!", "make a close-up on this!", etc...

In order to offer you this service, we must organize it beforehand. And this organization is not an easy task!
Because the visit is more complicated in Bulgaria than in France: the owner never leaves the keys of the property to the agency as is often the case in France.
This owner may very well reside in another municipality 1 hour away by road, would like to be there or prefer to involve a parent in his place, etc.

For these reasons, this service can only be implemented after contact with you and us, with a detailed review of your real estate project.
The ideal also being to be able to group and make a circuit if you wish to see several properties.

Don't hesitate to contact us about this, by phone or email