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Real Estate Bulgaria - Real Estate Listings Sale, Rentals Proposed by the Real Estate Agency BG2i

Why trust BG2i?

Who are we ?

Real estate in Bulgaria...!

If you visit our site, it is likely that your search on Google has suggested other sites concerning Bulgarian real estate.

Analyze well these sites which are addressed to a foreign customers ... and you will note this:
- a few sites offering thousands of properties (and these are not real estate portals of the type you know in France).
For the most part, these sites are managed from the United Kingdom, by companies that have never visited a single property they offer to you, arguing for (ghost) partnerships or rarely real partnerships with partners who have never visited properties themselves.

- a few sites, whose content obviously dates back many years with the same properties displayed since 6,7,8 years or more !

Is it really serious to consider investing and buying property in Bulgaria to trust intermediaries who have never set foot in Bulgaria or who have never seen the properties they display and offer?
To convince yourself, call them about a property you have spotted ... and you will be fixed!

The difference with BG2i!

We are French, we live on site (Burgas), we know the region and we bought our own properties there! And above all we have visited all the properties we offer, as any real estate agency in France would do.

But that's not all! The regulations are different in Bulgaria; for example, the "sales mandate" that we know in France does not exist here.
Never mind ... we had our lawyer establish our own contract to secure the transaction between the two parties. Only owners who accept the signing of this contract can have their property offered and negotiated by BG2i.

We must admit that this approach surprised many of our interlocutors owners or promoters at first! But we managed to convince and most understood that a real estate transaction with a French buyer requires security and transparency.

Finally, it seemed important to us to include all costs in the prices we display. You will not have to pay 1 € more to become an owner.