Investing in Bulgaria

Investing, preparing for retirement or moving abroad


Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union since 2007 and of NATO since 2004.
It is a real democracy: president elected by universal suffrage, has a parliament and it knows the political alternation; the country is politically stable.


The end of the communist regime (1990) left Bulgaria in a certain state of poverty; this country is currently the poorest in the EU.
But it catches up at a very high speed, skipping the steps, to the point that in some areas, they exceed us!

Bulgaria has shown strong economic growth since that time, especially in the tourism sector (the largest increase in the EU. E.). The local currency (Bgn) is very stable (fixed parity with the Euro since ... 10 years!)
Successive Bulgarian governments have always maintained a "pro business" policy with very favorable taxation to encourage foreign investment.

Tax rates are the lowest in the EU:

  • corporate income taxes: 10%
  • personal income taxes: 10 %
  • taxes on real estate capital gains: 10% (if resale within 3 years from the date of acquisition; 0% beyond)
  • no housing tax
  • very low property tax
  • This economic growth leads to a faster increase in salaries than in France.
    The minimum salary has just increased by 9.7% on January 1, 2020 to reach € 312 / per month (€ 1,521 in Fr.)
    The average salary is 554 € / per month (2,250 € in Fr.), but it varies widely between cities: 678 € in Sofia, 396 € in Burgas, 486 € in Varna.
    The cost of living is therefore low for people coming from Western countries.


    The obvious consequence is a very large growth in the real estate market, and there is no legal obstacle to the purchase of real estate for European people.

    The price of real estate, although there has been a significant increase in the last 2 years, remains among the lowest in the EU.
    Bulgaria's imminent entry into the Eurozone will accentuate this progress, with opportunities for comfortable capital gains.

    At present, an apartment, with comfort, standing and identical location remains 4 to 5 X cheaper than in France.


    The climate is temperate, very pleasant and comparable to that of the southern part of France.
    On the black sea, winters are mild and summers are warm (swimming between mid-May and mid-October).


    In the city where we live (BURGAS - 200,000 citizens), there is a very big difference with France.
    Small street delinquency, physical or verbal is non-existent. Some expatriates have chosen this country for this reason.
    So you can walk, day or night, alone or accompanied without any risk.


    GPs and specialists are very competent.
    Many include further training courses abroad (Usa, Germany, Switzerland and France)
    The cabinets, often equipped with ultra-modern equipment, have nothing to envy those of their French colleagues.
    The price of acts is of course much lower than what we know in France.
    It is for these reasons that medical tourism is booming in Bulgaria.