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Discover the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria

The Black Sea coast in Bulgaria: the essentials | What to do, what to see, what to visit?
Bulgaria (EU Member Republic) is a Balkan country located on the Black Sea (Southeastern Europe).
It is a crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Orient.
The capital Sofia is only 2000 km from Paris, and Burgas, the city where we live is 2560 km from Paris

Describe this wonderful country with many facets: history, landscapes, customs goes beyond the scope of our site.
Rather than give you a summary overview, we preferred to provide you with links to sites that describe Bulgaria much better than we can.

Visit these sites describing all aspects of Bulgaria, and by associating the elements: life without stress, feeling of freedom, respect for certain values that we no longer have in France, cost of living very lower ... and you will understand why, after several years of expatriation, we have never met a French national wishing to return to his country.