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Buy an apartment, house or land in Bulgaria

Buying Real Estate in Bulgaria

How to buy an apartment or a house in Bulgaria?


The sales agreement, as we know it in France does not exist in Bulgaria .
To secure the transaction, for the seller and the buyer, we have set up a contract, drawn up by a French-speaking lawyer . This contract is translated into French by a translator with official Bulgarian state certification . This lawyer will also be associated with all stages of the transaction until the signing of the final deed at the notary.


  • Pre-visit of the property by video tchat (Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Messenger)
  • Real visit of the property (s) with your arrival on site
  • Signing of the contract mentioned above.
  • Payment of the funds necessary for the purchase. The prices indicated on our supports are neat. The price includes the price negotiated with the seller + the fees of the intermediaries necessary for the sale (lawyer, translator, etc.) + the commission from our agency. No additional costs may be added to our displayed prices.
  • The notarial act: the appointment before the notary is made through the lawyer with our assistance. During the meeting, the presence of the owner of the property, the buyer, the agency representative and the lawyer are mandatory. A person may give a proxy to a person of his choice to represent him or her. This proxy must be certified by a notary.
  • After signing the notarial deed, it will be given to you immediately.
    We will tell you the steps to follow with your notarial deed to declare yourself at the town hall for the annual payment of the local tax (similar to the french housing tax). You should know that this tax is unique and extremely small compared to the french one.
    We will do the same for the payment of electricity, water and internet bills if necessary.
  • The entire purchasing process can be completed in one week.